The QuBE - Revolutionizing
the Power of Quantum Networks


The Next Leap


A global quantum internet will unveil new technological horizons never seen before and together with applications, will make use of this reality. To achieve this next leap, a powerful quantum-classical hybrid cloud platform utilizing a unique quantum protocol will generate those applications that has either no precedents on businesses and humanity.

Our goal is to achieve a worldwide quantum computing solutions in collaboration with information security, cloud computing, telecommunication and quantum networks industries, community, and open-source applications, providing a secure communication, scalable architecture and efficient solving of complex tasks built on a decentralized quantum protocol.

Everything in the future is a wave, everything in the past is a particle.
— Lawrence Bragg



Visionary minds

By bringing collaborative visionary minds and quantum technology together, we propose solutions with a transforming approach that redefines scalability, collaboration, privacy and information through development of advanced task protocols to keep up with the quantum era.

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Engineered for success

Times are changing decisively. To keep evolving, the next solutions must deal with privacy, interdisciplinary and social challenges in a massive data and information consuming world.

The quantum-classical hybrid cloud platform provides a wide range of quantum software and services for both classical and quantum applications. Using the engine of the QuBE protocol, it will be possible to build  secure, scalable and speedy applications on the quantum networks.

Building quantum based solutions in a collaborative and open-source way for a more secure and united world.